The Best of Porto Alegre – 2015/16

The Best of Porto Alegre - 2015/16



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The Best of Porto Alegre – 2015/16

One more time in a partnership with the city council, the 2015/16 edition, besides the new layout, it has unique attractions. Among them a special article on secret nook in Zona Sul.

Walking through the pages the reader will find marvelous routes and some of the best sites in town when it comes to gastronomy, shopping, fun and lodging, chosen by the editorial team for the fact of being remarkable.

Idioma: Português/inglês
Autor: Melhorpubli Publicações Especiais
Gênero: Guia turístico
Publicado: 2015
Páginas: 248
Tamanho: 18,5 x 27